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Re: [Debconf-team] Request for a debconf keynote

On 11362 March 1977, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

> It's not clear from the web site if these talks are a keynote (like the
> DPL presentations), or if they are standard talks that might be anywhere
> in the schedule, at the same time as other talks. I'd ask, if you agree
> this is important, that you schedule the presentation as part of the
> opening session, right after the DPL presentations.

Point taken, I just added the Event Type "Keynote", so one can make sure
such events get something special in schedule.

*Of* course that leaves us with the timing problem. While usual
conferences do their keynotes at the beginning of the day - I wouldn't
expect that to be the best time for a DebConf Keynote.

More like - start the afternoon session or even end the day with a Keynote.

> Canonical. I'm sure it wasn't your intent, but I think it would send the
> wrong message to suggest that money buys access at DebConf.

But money *does* buy access at DebConf. In a limited form, our sponsor
pack shows what, but it does do so.

bye, Joerg
I'm convinced that the ftpmaster team are ninjas -- they do their stuff,
but they do it quietly and behind the scenes, so everybody thinks
they're asleep at the wheel...)

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