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Re: [Debconf-team] Request for a debconf keynote

On 11363 March 1977, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

> I would ask you to consider the exception on the basis that Ubuntu is
> important to Debian, not to judge the specifics of the talk in
> advance.

While thats all fine and stuff - the papers committee still doesn't see
a submitted event proposal from you. So right now we do have nothing we
could rate and vote on for acceptance. And while we might[1] do the
exception and take your keynote into the main track, there is no way we
can do that without having it submitted[2].

So, please visit


and fill in the information you can provide right now, please.

Im sure you are able to come up with a few sentences of what you intent
to talk about in the abstract/description fields, as most (if not all)
of whats needed was already said here. Should be a 5 minutes task

When thats done I go and let the committee vote on it / discuss it.

But without anything I am not able to ask the committee to vote on
it. We would also be unable to schedule it...

[1] I can't speak for the whole committee until we could vote on it.
[2] Thats something that goes for everyone, no matter who, *except*
    platinum sponsors.

bye, Joerg
Free beer is something that I am never going to drink and free speech is
something that people are never going to be allowed to. ;)

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