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Re: [Debconf-team] Request for a debconf keynote

martin f krafft wrote:
What are the areas of activity where it would be valuable to expand
the collaboration? And what are some of the ideas for better
processes and interactions to improve collaboration?
I haven't written the talk yet.

My request isn't driven by a specific set of ideas, but driven by my sense that this sort of engagement would greatly help to improve the relationship, which in turn would be very positive for Debian. I don't think it would unreasonable for the organisers of DebConf to take the view that, if Ubuntu is the "form" in which Debian lands in the hands of most of its users, that it would be valuable to have a keynote from the project leader. If the talk is a success, then my hope is that it would become a tradition to have such a keynote given by a project like Ubuntu after the DPL(s) talk.


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