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Re: [Debconf-team] (no subject)

Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> In Mexico City there are about 30,000 Jews. Out of them, I doubt more
> than 1,000 eat strictly kosher food - I lived among them for many
> years. 
> > However, I didn't ask the team to go to that expense.  I merely asked
> > someone on the debconf team to speak to the chef at the hotel; he may
> > clear up my concerns by simply stating "the meat is bled immediately
> > after slaughter".  

My work place in Mexico City is located on an area where lots of Jews
happen to live, I guess you should know more about these kinds of
places, Gunnar, but you can find at some supermarkets in the area
(Interlomas) an special section for kosher meat in the meat section.
I was impressed by that (that is not common over here) when the
supermaket put a huge menorah (I'm sorry, please correct me if that is 
not the correct word) in the parking lot instead of the very common
Christmas tree.

You can even find some other kosher food, apart from meat, under a big
David star sign in those supermarkets.

The only true fact is that driving from Oaxtepec to Interlomas would
take up to 5-6 hours round trip (Interlomas happens to be in the
northwestern metropolitan area of Mexico City), but since I may be going
at least once a week to that area to check several work issues (at least
show my face to my bosses :-)), I can offer myself to take Ted to those
supermarkets to buy his food and take him back, if somebody else is
willing to come with us.

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