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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: kosher discrimination at debconf

Ted Walther wrote:
> Please talk to the hotel kitchen.  What I am asking is very reasonable,
> and any European or North American kitchen would have no problem at all
> providing the type of meat I require.  If the kitchen at the hotel isn't
> capable of this, I have to question why you booked a second rate third
> world hotel.

I have to question then why you have to come to a second rate third
world hotel where your feed requeriments could not been met.

In words of the DPL, last year in Helsinki: "It would be good if we
could take DebConfs to more third world countries, I'd love to see a
DebConf in Chad, for example". And I support that idea, were born in a
third world country and living on another third world country.

> Can I expect cockroaches under the bed as well as pork in my salad?

You can expect anything, believe me, _anything_. Nobody is doing a
favour to nobody by attending DebConf.

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