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Re: [Debconf-team] (no subject)

On Sat, 08 Apr 2006, Ted Walther wrote:
> As I made clear before when Amaya asked me about kosher food on IRC,
> my food requirements are not the same as the Orthodox Jewish kosher;
> I follow the Karaite Jewish version of kashrut, which allows a
> single set of kitchen utensils, allows mixing of meat and dairy, and
> does not require the intervention of a rabbi.

An orthodox kosher diet or a vegan diet are capable of satisfying
these requirements. [I have no idea if there is a sufficient orthodox
jewish population in the area in which Debconf will be held to have
meat that has been butchered in the Orthodox.]
> At least one other attendee has the same dietary restrictions,
> except in his case he also cannot eat anything with nuts (peanuts,
> almonds, etc) or he will go into cardiac arrest.

Someone who will go into anaphylaxis[1] upon the ingestion of nuts
will need to be extra careful; even foods that are prepared in the
presence of nuts can cause an onset of a serious allergic reaction.
[They should be carrying epinephrine or whatever their doctor has
advised them to take in case they accidentally injest some.]

Don Armstrong

1: Cardiac arrest is a distal effect of anaphylaxis; the proximal
effect is typically asphyxia.
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