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Re: [Debconf-team] (no subject)

Ted Walther dijo [Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 02:25:48AM -0700]:
> >An orthodox kosher diet or a vegan diet are capable of satisfying these
> >requirements. [I have no idea if there is a sufficient orthodox jewish
> >population in the area in which Debconf will be held to have meat that
> >has been butchered in the Orthodox.]
> There is a large Jewish community in Mexico City, so the hotel should
> have no problem shipping prepared kosher meals in.

In Mexico City there are about 30,000 Jews. Out of them, I doubt more
than 1,000 eat strictly kosher food - I lived among them for many

> However, I didn't ask the team to go to that expense.  I merely asked
> someone on the debconf team to speak to the chef at the hotel; he may
> clear up my concerns by simply stating "the meat is bled immediately
> after slaughter".  

I can assure you it is _not_ so. The meat is usually sold with some
(although little) blood. 

> Yes, my friend is very sensitive to foods prepared in the presence of
> nuts.  This is another concern which may be alleviated as easily as
> having a simple conversation with the chef at the hotel.
> Is there anyone who speaks Spanish who could take this on?

Ted: As I told you privately before, I take seriously as my role to
help whoever needs any information, regardless on who this is, as long
as the requests are reasonable.

Right now, I can tell you simply: I have not -and will not- talked
with the cook because there are things I _know_ for sure. I know this
country, I know Oaxtepec, I know the kind of hotel this is - The
service is very good, but asking for something you call kosher but is
not kosher in the eyes of the rest of the world is simply not
acceptable. And I might be boycotting the good work put forward by the
rest of the organizers, but _I_ will not continue this nonsense.

We try hard to satisfy our attendees' (note that they are not
customers or voters) needs. But there is a limit to it.

We offer you the food we have at the hotel. Don't like it? Fine, don't
have it. Eating out in Mexico is quite cheap, I am sure you can manage
very decently with a budget of around US$10 a day.

Still, I hope to see you here. 


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