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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: kosher discrimination at debconf

Thomas Bliesener dijo [Sat, Apr 08, 2006 at 10:07:26PM -0500]:
> > Eating clean meat
> Meat?? In Mexico we are used to eat tortillas and beans for breakfast,
> dinner and supper, but you can vary the menu with different kinds of
> chilis.

And we also eat meat, of course. Pork is very often eaten, but close
to Oaxtepec is the world-famous Yecapixtla, famous for its salted
beef, which was exported (before fridges were invented) to all of the
New Spain.

> > Can I expect cockroaches under the bed
> Cockroaches are a very nutritive source of protein and AFAIK they are
> kosher. Mexico is famous for its native species. Under the bed you will
> find only very few ones, you better ask in the kitchen or look in the
> salad for them!

I have never eaten cockroaches, but you will find grilled grasshopers
in the market. They are very tasty, many Debconf attendees have tasted
the ones I brought to Oslo and to Helsinki. Oh, and I'm sure Mako
remembers the worm he drank with the mezcal in Brazil. You will find
all kinds of strange food in Mexico - and it's very often worth


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