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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: kosher discrimination at debconf

Ted Walther dijo [Sat, Apr 08, 2006 at 06:33:47PM -0700]:
> Eating clean meat is important for the health of the conference
> attendees.  I think you would be better able to make decisions about the
> food if you would talk to the hotels kitchen.  Any cook worth his salt
> will be able to tell you what type of meat he is using, and will know
> where to get appropriate type of meat.

While my wife and I are in contact with the Oaxtepec administration
and we have their proposed menus for every day, we cannot dig too much
into this. We have not talked with the hotel cooks, and it would not
be trivial to do so without travelling over 1.5hr to the hotel. It's
more than what we are able to offer.

> As for looking through the database and not seeing anyone else listed
> for "kosher", that is because your covenient fill-out form does not have
> an option for kosher.  How can someone select an option that isn't
> mentioned?

The options we offer, as well as the amount of people who have
requested each, are:

   188 | Regular
    24 | Vegetarian
     9 | No food requested
     8 | 
     5 | Vegan (strict vegetarian)
     3 | Other (contact committee)

None of them (either the ones not specifying or the ones stating
'other') but you request Kosher food. You surely understand we cannot
devote the amount of needed logistics for 0.3% of our attendees.

> Please talk to the hotel kitchen.  What I am asking is very reasonable,
> and any European or North American kitchen would have no problem at all
> providing the type of meat I require.  If the kitchen at the hotel isn't
> capable of this, I have to question why you booked a second rate third
> world hotel.

I am sorry, this cannot be done. I have talked to them, and they are
able to provide you with vegetarian (including milk/cheese/egg) or
vegan food. Yes, this is a government-owned hotel in a small town in a
third world country - And it was chosen on purpose. It is perfect for
many of our needs, but just unable to comply some of our requests. We
have to live with it - But then again, where else do you think we
would be able to find a hotel where each room costs on average US$10
per night per person, has such nice open spaces and can host us all?
If you find it, well, propose it for DebConf8! (Ouch! Marcela, stop,
don't hit me! Yes, you want Argentina, OUCH!)

> Can I expect cockroaches under the bed as well as pork in my salad?

I can assure you you will find all kinds of strange insectoids during
your stay. We will be practically as mosquito-free as we were in
Espoo, thankfully (for those who were not in Finland: The official
word said there are no mosquitos in that region of the country. Nobody
informed them they should go North). Morelos state has a tremendous
wealth of insects, and Oaxtepec is located in the countryside, near a
large village/small town. If you fear the insects too much, bring
repellent or buy it here - And don't worry about the ocassional
scorpion bite, as we have 24h medical service 100m away from the

BTW, last statement was a joke. My father has lived in Morelos for
over 20 years, and although he has found over 50 scorpions over the
years (he used to count them), I have never met anybody who had been
stung by one.

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