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[Debconf-team] Re: kosher discrimination at debconf

Eating clean meat is important for the health of the conference
attendees.  I think you would be better able to make decisions about the
food if you would talk to the hotels kitchen.  Any cook worth his salt
will be able to tell you what type of meat he is using, and will know
where to get appropriate type of meat.

As for looking through the database and not seeing anyone else listed
for "kosher", that is because your covenient fill-out form does not have
an option for kosher.  How can someone select an option that isn't

Please talk to the hotel kitchen.  What I am asking is very reasonable,
and any European or North American kitchen would have no problem at all
providing the type of meat I require.  If the kitchen at the hotel isn't
capable of this, I have to question why you booked a second rate third
world hotel.

Can I expect cockroaches under the bed as well as pork in my salad?


On Sun, Apr 09, 2006 at 02:31:03AM +0200, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
On Sat, Apr 08, 2006 at 05:02:25PM -0700, Ted Walther wrote:
Subject: Re: kosher food at debconf
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As I made clear before when Amaya asked me about kosher food on IRC, my
food requirements are not the same as the Orthodox Jewish kosher; I
follow the Karaite Jewish version of kashrut, which allows a single set
of kitchen utensils, allows mixing of meat and dairy, and does not
require the intervention of a rabbi.

I require meat that is sheep, goat, beef, quail, chicken, turkey, or
salmon.  Pork, duck, and seafood are unlawful.  Seaweed and mushrooms
are also unlawful.  The meat must be bled immediately after it is
killed; the animals must not be slaughtered by strangling.  The hotel
should be able to confirm this information about the meat.

At least one other attendee has the same dietary restrictions, except in
his case he also cannot eat anything with nuts (peanuts, almonds, etc)
or he will go into cardiac arrest.

If the hotel cannot accomodate these dietary needs, please let me know
as soon as possible.

I am pretty sure that the hotel can not go to that length,

However i am happy to hear that you can eat vegan and even some
vegetarian food, then.
there is no other attendee requireing kosher food. we just looked
through the database again.

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