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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: kosher discrimination at debconf

On Sat, Apr 08, 2006 at 06:33:47PM -0700, Ted Walther wrote:
> Eating clean meat is important for the health of the conference
> attendees.

Eating meat is not important in the first place, as long as your diet is

> Any cook worth his salt will be able to tell you what type of meat he is
> using, and will know where to get appropriate type of meat.

Wrong. Cooks in places where there is no culture for vegeterians/vegans or
kosher, will tell their food has no meat, while it contains bacon, ham, or
other kinds of meat "to give the food a spark of flavour". The will follow
with a "but that is not meat" or "you can put it aside".

Been there, suffered that, alongside with other people in perfectly first
world countries like Norway and Germany.

> Please talk to the hotel kitchen.  What I am asking is very reasonable,
> and any European or North American kitchen would have no problem at all
> providing the type of meat I require.

You seem you have not travelled in Europe much... What you are asking is
reasonable on your own standards, but not form a cook point of view.

> If the kitchen at the hotel isn't capable of this, I have to question why
> you booked a second rate third world hotel.

And I question why you question why the organizers selected the hotel, since
it is provided at no cost to you. Trying to accomodate the food and sleeping
habits of 200+ people is hard enough to handle, let alone adding every single
person's requirements. So if the free food and free bed does not suite you, I
believe in the web page you can find nice pointers to better hotels and
restaurants where they will gladly provide you things, should you add your own

> Can I expect cockroaches under the bed as well as pork in my salad?

Yes to the pork in your salad. Probably a bit of ham alongside with pinaple,
mayonese and chesse.

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