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[Debconf-team] Re: kosher discrimination at debconf

On Sat, Apr 08, 2006 at 06:33:47PM -0700, Ted Walther wrote:
> Please talk to the hotel kitchen. 

been there, done that.

> What I am asking is very reasonable,
> and any European or North American kitchen would have no problem at all
> providing the type of meat I require.

kosher food is very advanced to prepare. even most american or
eurpean kitchens cant provide it but buy it from outside. we cant
afford that (and dont have that option, either). Since you dont
want real kosher food and can well eat vegan food without
compromising your believes and values i recommend you do that.

The human body can survive (and thrive, even) without any meat
and/or milk/egg products for the duration of a conference like
this. As will yours.

> If the kitchen at the hotel isn't capable of this, I have to
> question why you booked a second rate third world hotel.

we try to do low-cost conferences. the goal is to inspire people
about Debian. We want interaction and excange of ideas between
the conference attendees, let them give birth to new ideas,
encourage social and interlectual harmonisation and agreement and
work together on different levels.  

We can reach that goal very well in second rate third world
hotels.  Perhaps we will some time in the future find and make
use of such a place. This year we were lucky to find the great
place we did, thanks to Gunnars connections and his incentive.

We do NOT try to provide luxurious accommodation and gourmet
food. They would not allow us to have so many attendees and the
relaxed, layed back athmosphere. Debconfs are a good mixture of
chaos and order, and the chos part is hard to get right in five
star hotels.

> Can I expect cockroaches under the bed as well as pork in my salad?

I trust that Thomas comment is realistic. he lives in Mexico and
knows the country.

Consider yourself lucky. Last year it was worse: There were
monsquitos in Espoo.

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