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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Registration FAQ

Stephen Gran <steve@lobefin.net> wrote:
> [...]  I am sure if you think you can
> do a better job, or even just help, those currently saddled with doing
> the scheduling would be happy for the help.

I'm unsure of either aspect, so I'm now trying to estimate.

> On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 02:32:47PM +0000, MJ Ray said:
> > [...] I find
> > debconf attendees in general a stressful and tiring group to interact
> > with, so I burn out after a few days of that effort. Finally, while
> > debian *use* is mostly work for me, debian *development* is mostly a
> > hobby.  How many people will spend over a solid week away for their
> > hobby each year?  Does debconf not want mainstream developers?
> Thank you for the usual aggressive tone I expect from you.  You do
> realize that when you call everyone else involved in Debconf a geek,
> question our motives, and call us tiresome to interact with, it
> demotivates me to want to assist you?

That wasn't an aggressive tone.  Here's an aggressive tone: What the
hell are you on about?  I thought geek was merely a description around
here; I wrote tiring, not tiresome, which is quite a different thing
(tiring = reducing the energy of; tiresome = boring and irritating);
and I tried to make clear that those are not necessarily bugs in the
attendees.  So I wonder: did my message demotivate you, or had you
decided beforehand and now need to find fault to justify that?

I find open letters like this demotivating.  If you want to continue
until we either reach a mutual understanding or flame each other to a
well-done crisp, please let's do it off-list.

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