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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Registration FAQ

On 11307 March 1977, MJ Ray wrote:

> Thanks for the reply, but note I didn't ask for "something really
> reliable", but for preliminary.

There is a public visible list of talks. We cant yet say which of those
will be held, or even when. Thats not how our scheduling (currently?)

> The lack of topic grouping is a bug in debconf set-up, isn't it?

I don't think so. If you think so - feel free to bring it up in an own
discussion in the debconf-team list. Im not sure we can adjust it for
this year, but we always aim to get better, so if there is a majority
thinking we need some topics for talk submission so we can schedule
topics at the time we open CfP - we might do this.

>> It's understandable that it may be disappointing for part-time
>> visitors as you have no idea of the better schedule you should follow
>> (IIRC, you had this problem in EDI). OTOH, when coming from Europe, do
>> you really expect to stay only 3 or 4 days?

>  Also, as a non-geek, I find debconf attendees in general a stressful
> and tiring group to interact with, so I burn out after a few days of that effort.

Thats pretty offending to every DebConf attendee. Or maybe it is because
you aren't "in the community" as others are, but mostly seem to rant
(and sometimes raise valid points) from some halfway outsiders point. I
dont know. I *love* to be at DebConf (and DebCamp), and for me it could
run for two months and more.

> Finally, while debian *use* is mostly work for me, debian
> *development* is mostly a hobby.  How many people will spend over a
> solid week away for their hobby each year?  Does debconf not want
> mainstream developers?

That question can't be serious, really. Except, well, if you run around
with some kind of blinkers (Scheuklappen in german) - there are *MANY*
people, not only with some IT stuff as a hobby, who spent *much* more
time for their hobby every year.

>> Debconf is, more or less by definition, something that you really
>> benefit from when you participate to the entire event, really.
> It's a shame if there's no willingness to make debconf more easily
> accessible to a wider range of developers.  It seems likely to lead to
> forking as we grow, with all the drawbacks that involves.

There is a lot of willingness and effort to making DebConf better - just
some things are possible and some don't, some may take time.

bye, Joerg
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