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[Debconf-discuss] Registration FAQ


Some things regarding registration have changed since last year, and so
I've received a bunch of question regarding the registration data.  
I've prepared this FAQ, to solve the most common questions:

* What's with the "Professional" category? Do I have to pay if I am

  No, you don't *HAVE* to.  But you are strongly encouraged to ask your
  employer to pay an attending fee.  Many technology conferences around
  the world require an entrance fee, and when attending the conference is
  beneficial for your job, employers pay for it.

  In exchange for registering as "Professional" we will list the company
  that pays for your fee in a special web page for companies that sent
  their employers to DebConf.   Also, you will get an extra gift and you
  can ask for a 2 people room instead of the default 3 or 4 people rooms.

  If you register as "Corporate", you'll get a nicer extra gift, you get
  the choice of a single room if you prefer it, and your company gets more
  prominently listed.

  So, please, if you work in a Debian related field, and your employer can
  afford paying USD 250 (or USD 1000) as DebConf attending fee, do register
  as "Professional" or "Corporate", as you see fit.
  Details as to how to make the payment will be available when we ask for

* I'm going to DebConf with one or more accompanying people.  
  What should we do?

  If whoever is accompanying you is not part of the Debian community, then
  the logical thing to do is for them to register with category
  "Professional", so that they pay for their stay.  You can then register
  either as "Individual" or "Professional" (whichever applies for you).

  If you and whoever is with you are both part of the Debian community and
  are both applying with the "Individual" category, but want a double room
  for yourselves, then you'll be asked to pay some amount for the
  difference of double vs larger rooms.  The exact amount still needs to be
  calculated, we'll let those in this situation know about it.

  A possibility for couples that don't want or can't afford to pay extra is
  to share a 4 people "apartment" with two other people.  These are small
  "apartments" with a double bed in one room (with its own door), and two 
  single beds in a second room.  The bathroom and the entrance are shared.
  (This is not a _real_ apartment though, no kitchen or anything).

  In case you are coming with a bigger group (family with kids or similar),
  please let us know, so that we can advise what's the best solution for

  Room preferences will be asked through the web interface at
  reconfirmation stage.

* What type of room should I choose?

  Choosing "Regular" room means you'll stay in 3 or 4 people rooms if you
  are coming as "Individual", in 2 people rooms if you are coming as
  "Professional", and you have the option to choose a single room if you
  are coming as "Corporate".

  There's the possibility of choosing a "Single room" even if you are
  "Individual" or "Professional", choosing this room if you are not
  "Corporate" means paying extra (the room costs USD 31 per night).  
  The exact extra amount depends on your category and has not been
  calculated yet.  (This option is new, and might not yet be there when
  you read this mail, but it'll definitely be there in a few days).

  The "Junior Suite" (at USD 110 per night), is a double room (but with
  double bed only) with an "entrance" room where you can receive people or
  do some work.  It's also larger and has a nicer bathroom.

  There are some other special rooms, that of course cost more money.  So,
  in case you want something bigger or fancier, please contact us about it.

If you have any questions that have not been covered, please, ask them out.

 Besitos,   {o_
     Marga. (')_

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