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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Registration FAQ

Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debconf.org> wrote:
> On 11307 March 1977, MJ Ray wrote:
> > The lack of topic grouping is a bug in debconf set-up, isn't it?
> I don't think so. If you think so - feel free to bring it up in an own
> discussion in the debconf-team list. [...]

OK, but I'll wait and see whether there's support for that, if it's
too late for 08 anyway.

> >  Also, as a non-geek, I find debconf attendees in general a stressful
> > and tiring group to interact with, so I burn out after a few days of that effort.
> Thats pretty offending to every DebConf attendee. Or maybe it is because
> you aren't "in the community" as others are, but mostly seem to rant
> (and sometimes raise valid points) from some halfway outsiders point. I
> dont know. I *love* to be at DebConf (and DebCamp), and for me it could
> run for two months and more.

Please no-one be offended that I pointed out that there are
stress-inducing cultural differences among us.  We've already seen the
effects of that many times in varied ways - denying it won't improve
matters.  Maybe that means I will never be "in the community" in that
sense, or maybe I should stick to events which are more on my terms -
I'd think that both were serious bugs, but I can't really expect all
those currently "in the community" to agree about that.

I apologise for any rant appearances.  Sometimes I try to keep quiet
about perceived bugs which I don't think others will consider bugs
(trying for a quiet life, which was one source of stress at debconf)
until I explode into linguistic pyrotechnics.

> > Finally, while debian *use* is mostly work for me, debian
> > *development* is mostly a hobby.  How many people will spend over a
> > solid week away for their hobby each year?  Does debconf not want
> > mainstream developers?
> That question can't be serious, really. Except, well, if you run around
> with some kind of blinkers (Scheuklappen in german) - there are *MANY*
> people, not only with some IT stuff as a hobby, who spent *much* more
> time for their hobby every year.

In total, perhaps, but how many other hobbies run over a solid week
away every year that includes key organisational development?

I think that youth projects are among the most demanding, but the
Woodcraft Folk's week-long Venturer Camp is only once every three
years IIRC and Guiding/Scouting's international camps and jamborees
seem to be evenly split between 3 or 4 days and a week or longer.  All
of those focus on personal development more than developing the
projects, too.

Among my other hobbies that I remembered and found details about
immediately, the longest event was a week, which was a mixed personal
development and publicity stunt thing.  Among work events, the
longest event that came readily to mind is three days.  What about
other people's hobbies?

> There is a lot of willingness and effort to making DebConf better - just
> some things are possible and some don't, some may take time.

Glad to hear it.  I hadn't noticed many obvious changes from the last one, so
I was worried that the improvement was tailing off and it would never be
worth me attending another debconf.

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