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Bug#607767: Blank screen on starting X with Dual 2 GHz G5 and X800XT; DRM module not loading for radeon driver

On Don, 2010-12-30 at 00:28 -0500, dpickett wrote: 
> Installed Debian Squeeze. Looks like things are somewhat better.
> For the first reboot after install I got an enlarged mouse cursor in
> the middle of a blank screen. I then copied over the last xorg_conf
> file and rebooted. X started, I got a blank screen, and then the
> monitor went to sleep. The machine is no longer locking up, however:
> an ssh connection from another machine shows the Linux machine is
> alive and well.
> Attached are two Xorg.0.log files. The one titled "Xorglog_mint_clean"
> is from the first reboot after the clean install, with no xorg_conf
> file. The one titled "xorglog_mint_1.txt" is using the latest
> xorg_conf file, which forces the machine to use PCI instead of AGP.

Both log files show the DRI failing to get enabled again, resulting in
the original problem. Is the firmware-linux package installed? If yes,
please provide at least any AGP/DRM related messages from dmesg.

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