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Re: FONT PROBLEMS! XF4-phase1 debs, v8 -> v11, mga, 16 bpp

On Wed, Aug 16, 2000 at 04:31:24AM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > Anyway, it was developped by VA folk i think.
> Precision Insight (et al), I heard.

Don't know, but the gamma module (for 3Dlabs boards) seems to be taken over by
VA people, not sure though, here is what the source says :

 * Copyright 1999 Precision Insight, Inc., Cedar Park, Texas.
 * Copyright 2000 VA Linux Systems, Inc., Sunnyvale, California.

 * Authors:
 *    Rickard E. (Rik) Faith <faith@valinux.com>



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