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FONT PROBLEMS! XF4-phase1 debs, v8 -> v11, mga, 16 bpp

I just returned from vacation, and so I thought that I would upgrade my v8
debs to v11.  What I discovered, however, is that the v11 debs are unusable
for me because font drawing is all screwed up in 15-bpp and 16-bpp depths
for the mga driver.

8-bpp and 24-bpp depths work fine, but I need 16 bpp in order to get
hardware acceleration for OpenGL.  Downgrading to v8 solved the problem for
the time being.

The problem that I observe in 16-bpp mode with the v11 debs is that most
characters appear grayed out, and, for example, some ghost characters
appear frozen in place while I scroll using '/usr/bin/less' in an xterm

Thomas E. Vaughan <thomas.vaughan@nssl.noaa.gov>
GPG public key: <http://tensor.nssl.noaa.gov/~vaughan/pubkey.asc>

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