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new Debian homepage: display news as recent_list (and handle translations)

Hi again

El 6/11/19 a las 14:44, Laura Arjona Reina escribió:
> El 6/11/19 a las 6:51, Kaare Olsen escribió:

>> How about a front page tag in the news items themselves?  That's 
>> assuming that the hand-picking is taking place when the news file is 
>> added.  I don't know how get_recent_list works, but if it can read 
>> more tags then that might be the easiest solution, as it for front 
>> page use could skip items lacking the tag, and the translator workflow 
>> would be unchanged.
> Guillem kindly provided a patch so we can "mark" some news to be shown, and then
> show them (translated or untranslated, as now) in the homepage using a function
> similar than the current get_recent_list. However, I don't know how to adapt ti
> to display the date in the calendar layout, etc. I will work on this too, and
> also try to reuse what we have in ctime.wml template, so people don't need to
> translate the dates.

This is almost done now. I have applied Guillem's patch and also moved
the layout formatting to the recent_list function, added the
get_recent_list call to the index.wml page and synced translations.

I have tested that this works in English, adding the line:

<define-tag frontpage>yes</define-tag>

to a news file.

I'm currently building the site to see if it works with translations
even when they don't include that tag (I said that I think it would
work, but now I've changed my mind and I think that the tag is needed in
every language). But that's a minor issue and we can care about this later.

The most important thing that it's still missing is to handle the date
in the recent_list.wml template in the correct way so it is shown in the
"calendar sheet". It's hard for me to crawl the Perl code in that file,
so help is very welcome.

The lines that currently write the HTML of the News start on:


but there is code related to dates, isodates, timestamps etc in other
places in the file, that probably can be reused/modified in order to get
what we want (translatable date but separating day, month, year).

Another thing that it would be nice is to rebase the work in
new-homepage branch on top of the current status of the website. This
way we could mark the actual news that we want to appear in the
homepage. This would also fix the kerning issue in the homepage
buster-theme banner.

Kind regards,
Laura Arjona Reina

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