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Re: new Debian homepage: request for translations

Hi all

El 6/11/19 a las 6:51, Kaare Olsen escribió:
> On Tue, Nov 05, 2019 at 02:19:19PM +0100, Thomas Lange wrote:
>>     > In short, before the new pages can go live, we absolutely need 
>>     > something dynamic to take care of fetching the hand-picked news 
>>     > items, and perhaps also the sliding images and their texts.
>> The sliding images will not change that much, maybe every 2 or 3
>> months or less often.
> That's much too often to bother the translators not working on such 
> content.  The front page should only need updating when its own 
> content is changed.

I have moved some tags to .po files, mostly the texts related to the photos
shown in the homepage. This way, I expect that when we change a photo in the
slide show, the new strings will appear in the homepage.po file, and the
languages that didn't update that file yet, will show the new photo with the
English title/alt_text, but won't show the "outdated warning".

I have synced the French translation and plan to sync the others (Russian,
Swedish) today, but later (I cannot now).

>> Currently we show the 6 latest news. But in english, if the title was
>> not translated.
> Yes, it's fine to continue using the English title if there's no 
> translation available.  I believe we have, or had, a feature to only 
> translate the news item title, but that seems misleading to the 
> visitors.
>> It would be nice if get_recent_list (which is used for getting the
>> lastest news or security items) could take a list of file names, and
>> not only the latest N items.
> How about a front page tag in the news items themselves?  That's 
> assuming that the hand-picking is taking place when the news file is 
> added.  I don't know how get_recent_list works, but if it can read 
> more tags then that might be the easiest solution, as it for front 
> page use could skip items lacking the tag, and the translator workflow 
> would be unchanged.

Guillem kindly provided a patch so we can "mark" some news to be shown, and then
show them (translated or untranslated, as now) in the homepage using a function
similar than the current get_recent_list. However, I don't know how to adapt ti
to display the date in the calendar layout, etc. I will work on this too, and
also try to reuse what we have in ctime.wml template, so people don't need to
translate the dates.

Kind regards,
Laura Arjona Reina

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