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Re: new Debian homepage: request for translations

>>>>> On Tue, 5 Nov 2019 13:27:49 +0100, Kaare Olsen <kaare@nightcall.dk> said:

    > In short, before the new pages can go live, we absolutely need 
    > something dynamic to take care of fetching the hand-picked news 
    > items, and perhaps also the sliding images and their texts.
The sliding images will not change that much, maybe every 2 or 3
months or less often.

Currently we show the 6 latest news. But in english, if the title was
not translated.
It would be nice if get_recent_list (which is used for getting the
lastest news or security items) could take a list of file names, and
not only the latest N items.

Anyone knows where get_recent_list is defined? Where it comes from?
regards Thomas

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