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Re: new Debian homepage: request for translations

On Tue, Nov 05, 2019 at 09:51:10AM +0100, Thomas Lange wrote:
>     > 1) Why don't use the dynamic list for News, as in the actual
>     > index.wml
>     > (<:= get_recent_list('News/$(CUR_YEAR)', '6', '$(ENGLISHDIR)', '',
>     > '\d+\w*' ) :>)
> During the Web team sprint we decided to select which News we want to
> present on the frontpage. In the past we had for e.g. 4 news
> concerning new point releases. This is what we want to avoid by
> selecting the news.

I agree that it's far from ideal to have the news on the front 
page dominated by point releases, but Baptiste raised an 
important point.  The hard-coded solution with the hand-picked 
news items will unnecessarily outdate all translations of the 
front page upon each change to the displayed news.

Not all translation teams have the resources to translate the 
news items, and probably none of teams with the resources would 
be happy about having to repeat the translations of the news 
item's titles in two different places when the current front 
page is able to do it automatically.

In short, before the new pages can go live, we absolutely need 
something dynamic to take care of fetching the hand-picked news 
items, and perhaps also the sliding images and their texts.

Regards, Kaare

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