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Automating the handling of various partners lists [was: Re: Who's *still* or *not* using Debian?]

On Ma, 15 nov 11, 21:11:25, David Prévot wrote:
> I don't know Mailman enough: is there a possibility to store related
> data (at least the “{com,edu,gov,org}/<name>” part) associated with
> each subscribed person? Some people may have referenced several
> organizations, and at least this information must be personalized in
> each message.

An option would be to create sub-sub lists. Just some examples (as far 
as I know you have to include the alioth project name in the mailing 
list name):


Also mailman stores a name for each "subscriber", maybe we can (ab)use 
that field if one person subscribes several organizations in the same 

BTW, using such mailing lists for tracking subscribers could allow for 
interesting side-effects, like allowing automatic de-listing by 
un-subscribing from the correct mailing ist ;)

In theory also automatic subscription would be possible if we request a 
BTS style format, but it would be too easy to get the syntax wrong, so 
probably a webform is much more user-friendly. Maybe something like this 
would work:

1. Webform requesting all details, which might include some basic checks 
(like the validity of the URL, maybe also scan for the word "debian", 
2a. the e-mail address is submitted to the corresponding mailman list, 
which triggers the typical e-mail address check for every mailing list
2b. a pre-formated commented-out entry is generated in the corresponding 
.data file
3. a corresponding wishlist bug is created in BTS (with apropiate 
(user)tags, which will also notify -www of the pending request
4. a human does whatever additional checks are required, un-comments the 
entry and closes the applicable bug.

> >BTW, how about concentrating the handling of all subscriptions to a
> >separate mailing list (in order not to overload debian-www).
> I'm not sure: there is not that much people asking to be listed on
> the website (a lot less than the spam gathered), and keeping this
> handling in an already existing public place can help to share the
> load (even if Kåre seems currently a bit alone on this task, I don't
> think hiding this handling in another mailing list will help).
> Furthermore, a simple rule on the “Who's using Debian?” subject
> could easily help someone who would feel overload by these requests.

I was thinking of *all* subscriptions (users, consultants, CD-vendors, 
pre-installed systems, children distros, etc.), i.e. anything that is a 
list of non-Debian contacts, but if much is automated it probably makes 
sense to keep it all on -www.

Hope this explains,
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