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Re: Who's *still* or *not* using Debian?


On 14/11/2011 16:43, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:

Beside this I found problems different than the one hypothesized by you.
As an example I had to send emails using different smarthosts because
many many many consultants email servers adopt different kind of anti
spam techniques (this is quite strange since these email addresses are
supposed to collect request for jobs, so I would have expected to find
less barriers).

Indeed, I didn't documented it, but I'm pretty used to this kind of practice, since my ISP isn't able to provide me a PTR record… Lucky me, I also have access to another well connected MTA, so I track bounces at home, and if it's related to some antispam “feature”, I add a line in /etc/exim4/hubbed_hosts and track the log on my other server (at worst, it's “just” another spam to webmaster@d.o).

Another “spam fight” related issue: some companies are very good at making them publicly unreachable by mail, forcing one to use their web form contact point (making the tracking less effective).

I track the current process (message-id sent and received), the mail addresses contacted, and error messages in english/users/ping.data on our CVS repository: it's just a crappy text file I use to see what is done and what is needed to be done, I wish I could use some automation to keep it up to date, maybe some parsable format would help, I don't know, but it serves his purpose for the moment (and there are not too much entries).

Giuseppe, I don't know if it would be of any help for pinging consultants, but I made a naive Perl script to prepare the first ping mail in english/users/ping.pl.

Of the 375 existing entries, I began to take care of the 125 first: those issued from the initial split of the index page six years ago that have not been updated since. I sent the initial mail to all of them, taking care of the bouncing loop if any (searching other contact addresses and sending them the initial mail). I was already able to remove 15 obsolete entries, and began the updates: one done and ten more updates are already on the TODO list. For that, I may already have spammed webamaster@d.o with two hundred mails, more to come…

That should keep me busy for a while ;-).



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