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Re: Who's *still* or *not* using Debian?

On Lu, 14 nov 11, 21:03:30, David Prévot wrote:
> Indeed, I didn't documented it, but I'm pretty used to this kind of
> practice, since my ISP isn't able to provide me a PTR record… Lucky
> me, I also have access to another well connected MTA, so I track
> bounces at home, and if it's related to some antispam “feature”, I
> add a line in /etc/exim4/hubbed_hosts and track the log on my other
> server (at worst, it's “just” another spam to webmaster@d.o).
> Another “spam fight” related issue: some companies are very good at
> making them publicly unreachable by mail, forcing one to use their
> web form contact point (making the tracking less effective).
> I track the current process (message-id sent and received), the mail
> addresses contacted, and error messages in english/users/ping.data
> on our CVS repository: it's just a crappy text file I use to see
> what is done and what is needed to be done, I wish I could use some
> automation to keep it up to date, maybe some parsable format would
> help, I don't know, but it serves his purpose for the moment (and
> there are not too much entries).

Sounds to me like something a mailing list software is doing. I can 
imagine subscribing everybody to a dedicated (pseudo) mailing list. 
Periodic pings are sent to the list and we let the mailing list software 
track bounces.

BTW, how about concentrating the handling of all subscriptions to a 
separate mailing list (in order not to overload debian-www). The alioth 
webwml group could be used to host all these lists and mailman should be 
able to handle my idea above.

Kind regards,
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