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Re: Who's *still* or *not* using Debian?

Hi all,

Il giorno sab, 12/11/2011 alle 16.40 -0400, David Prévot ha scritto:
> Monitoring for a few weeks Giussepe's work on the consultants stuff 
> (kudos for your work Giussepe!) makes me think that the proposed 
> workflow [1] makes sense.
> 	1: <4E716120.7070300@debian.org>

I like this process, and I like both ideas of having a page for
collecting registration and for automate periodic checks. The only
problem I see about this process (and about any process) is that BTS is
not usable for storing all data; like: where do we store dates about
email sent? where do we store MTA bounce error messages? where do we
store details about all email address contacted for a specific
user/consultants. And what about authorisations for people that could
approve requests?

And the same apply to specific actions about consultants: where do we
store information about automatic checks on the web site? And what about
temporary failures?

I think BTS could be used for starting the process of adding new entries
or deleting them, but I think that we need a better database. I started
to add comments about last contact dates in the consultant.data file but
this it absolutely not the right place. I never investigated the
possibility to use the ultimate Debian database[1], but I think this
could be the way to go. Another option could be to use an LDAP
(ultimately we are talking about contacts, aren't we?)

Beside this I found problems different than the one hypothesized by you.
As an example I had to send emails using different smarthosts because
many many many consultants email servers adopt different kind of anti
spam techniques (this is quite strange since these email addresses are
supposed to collect request for jobs, so I would have expected to find
less barriers).


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/UltimateDebianDatabase

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