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Bug#526032: packages.debian.org: add a link to the DDTP web interface to tranlate/improve a package description

Quoting Gerfried Fuchs (rhonda@deb.at):

>  Then for god's sake, finally, after literally YEARS, get a decent stack
> of quality approach into the DDTSS. From what I remember the email
> interface of DDTP actually *has* such a possibility. The DDTSS might
> have lowered the entry barrier for contributors, but on the grounds of
> lowering the quality quite a fair bit, and that's a sacrifise that I am
> unwilling to accept.

As much as I disagree with Rhonda's arguments (and much more with the
alleged consequences of some design choices), I have to suggest that
we consider changing some default settings in the DDTSS, at least
those we easily can change.

The possibility for completely anonymous work is one of these
weaknesses. This is very easy to revert from what I see in the current

So, would there be a problem if the default for DDTSS is that login is
required? This can be changed on a language per language basis. As of
now, only Vietnamese is requiring login.

Would it be a problem if I at least change this setting? Without
objection in the upcoming week(s), I'll do that change.

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