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Bug#526032: packages.debian.org: add a link to the DDTP web interface to tranlate/improve a package description

Quoting Gerfried Fuchs (rhonda@deb.at):

>  Last time even Helge confirmed that the current approach is not working
> (for German) and that the DDTSS isn't helping here, rather the oposite.
> The total UNWILLINGNESS to improve or get a proper workflow with respect
> to a quality approach into DDTSS which Debian actually is known for
> doesn't leave me much options here.

I'm unsure that yelling is helping here...anyway.

For what I've witnesses, some teams have chosen to use an approach to
fit what you defined as a better quality approach: I can name the
Brazilian Portuguese team for instance: last time Felipe described me
their workflow (task assignments, reviews, discussions in their
mailing list, even maybe disabling anonymous translations)....it seems
aimed at bringing what you're after.

From the very few I know from DDTSS (and here lies the main problem:
the thing is even too often broken, just as it is now...with
translations not flowing to the archive), translation teams have a way
to enforce non anonymous contributions (I can even activate that, team
by team). Also, the number of needed reviews can be changed, team by

The combination of these two can probably bring at least a part of
what you consider to be quality standards. How about discussing *this*?

> > On the other hand, I can confirm that French translations are most of
> > the time of quite good quality in the DDTP (even if the review process
> > is different from the one we use for other Debian translations). Oh,
> > there are many times where I would have made them differently, in a
> > more formal style....but I think they still quite well fit the goal of
> > bringing better information to users.
>  I've heard it once too often that people switch their settings back to
> English than I could arrange it with my conscience to ignore the lack of
> willingness to improve the DDTSS on that grounds like you do.

Yes. So? What about those who don't and just silently enjoy the service?

>  Then for god's sake, finally, after literally YEARS, get a decent stack
> of quality approach into the DDTSS. From what I remember the email
> interface of DDTP actually *has* such a possibility. The DDTSS might
> have lowered the entry barrier for contributors, but on the grounds of
> lowering the quality quite a fair bit, and that's a sacrifise that I am
> unwilling to accept.

Contributions are welcomed. I personnally barely just succeed in
keeping an eye opened on DDT* stuff and try to shake people around
when it is broken in some way.

If you think this doesn't fit your quality standards, then just
disable things on p.d.o. : I'll volunteer to write the news release
about this and have it translated in as many languages as possible.
Of course, I would prefer if, doing so, you only disable German as
this is, as far as I can tell, the only language where you can figure
out whether your quality standards are met.

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