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Bug#526032: packages.debian.org: add a link to the DDTP web interface to tranlate/improve a package description


* Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> [2011-04-05 07:03:21 CEST]:
> Quoting Gerfried Fuchs (rhonda@deb.at):
> > there is no author information about translations available, at all -
> > then I guess it's really the best approach to drop the translations from
> > the packages site. Will save the annoyance and the need to bring up the
> > topic. Noone seems to be interested in improving the situation, and I'm
> > not interested to push this low-quality approach down to our users.
> English sometimes sucks in packages' descriptions. Should we also drop
> them for the same reasons?

 At least there is a proper process for getting quality in, and no
anonymous people can click-approve "translations" of anonymous people. I
would consider you intelligent enough to see a SIGNIFICANT difference
here, even if you suggest with your response otherwise.

> Anyway, FWIW, I have no idea about the supposedly low quality of
> German translations in packages descriptions (this seems to be what is
> regularly motivating these claims about low quality). 

 Oh, you *do* have an idea, quoting yourself:

> -I think we've had enough argument with Rhonda about these things in
> the past-

 Last time even Helge confirmed that the current approach is not working
(for German) and that the DDTSS isn't helping here, rather the oposite.
The total UNWILLINGNESS to improve or get a proper workflow with respect
to a quality approach into DDTSS which Debian actually is known for
doesn't leave me much options here.

> On the other hand, I can confirm that French translations are most of
> the time of quite good quality in the DDTP (even if the review process
> is different from the one we use for other Debian translations). Oh,
> there are many times where I would have made them differently, in a
> more formal style....but I think they still quite well fit the goal of
> bringing better information to users.

 I've heard it once too often that people switch their settings back to
English than I could arrange it with my conscience to ignore the lack of
willingness to improve the DDTSS on that grounds like you do.

> hbut seeing that dropping translations from the packages web site is
> seriously considered makes it kind of a duty to at least make it clear
> that I would strongly disagree with that

 Then for god's sake, finally, after literally YEARS, get a decent stack
of quality approach into the DDTSS. From what I remember the email
interface of DDTP actually *has* such a possibility. The DDTSS might
have lowered the entry barrier for contributors, but on the grounds of
lowering the quality quite a fair bit, and that's a sacrifise that I am
unwilling to accept.

 If there is a quality approach coming back into the DDTSS/DDTP
workflows then I'm the last one to reject to have translated
descriptions on the site. But there were no improvements on that grounds
AT ALL, even though repeatedly questioning in that direction. So given
that the people behind that service are seemingly unwilling to improve
it, I have no other possibility than to cut it off in this area.

 If you REALLY want to drop the topic and its reoccuring, finally
improve the service instead of accouting it to yet-another-rant of that
Rhonda person.

 Thanks (if it finally happens),
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