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Bug#526032: packages.debian.org: add a link to the DDTP web interface to tranlate/improve a package description


* Martin Eberhard Schauer <Martin.E.Schauer@gmx.de> [2011-04-04 13:37:12 CEST]:
>>  There's actually not much of a drawback here, translations already
>> _are_ at a rather low level, and there is next to no QA related measures
>> in the DDTSS: anonymous people click-"review" translations of anonymous
>> people without any chance to send over feedback or hints or blacklist
>> certain known-bad translators or mark them specificly need-review by
>> certain people that are known to produce decent translations.
> you describe the situation from your point of view. Have a look
> at the statistics. Much of the work comes from a few active people
> who use their DDTSS account. Among them *is* some discussion.
> Users of the DDTP web interface leave their email address. And
> there is the lack of manpower.

 The statistics can be all fine, it doesn't change that me (and others)
from time to time stumble upon translations that give us the yuck.

>> This has to stop, here and now, one way or another.
> The same is valid for posts like the one I am responding to. I believe
> they don't reach the producers of sucking translations and therefore
> have no effect. On the long run it's annoying to read quarterly posts
> about the poor quality of the translations when they are your
> contribution.

 It's the whole point that I am stating: There is no way to reach the
producers of the sucking translations, and there is no way to reach the
"proofreading" clickers for such sucking translations.

 But yes, if your only response is that it's sucking to read my
annoyance with the non-existing QA approach that the DDTSS lacks to
offer instead of actually doing something constructive like adding any
sort of real *direct* feedback option (instead of the small box below
the translations) - which would naturally also solve the issue with that
there is no author information about translations available, at all -
then I guess it's really the best approach to drop the translations from
the packages site. Will save the annoyance and the need to bring up the
topic. Noone seems to be interested in improving the situation, and I'm
not interested to push this low-quality approach down to our users.

 Consider the case closed then, thanks for your helpful response.
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