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Re: Using Flattr to donate to Debian?

On 24 Jul 2010, at 22:32, Ean Schuessler wrote:

I've done a lot of work on the Apache OFBiz system. Its an Apache Foundation project released under the ASL.

There are, of course, many options when it comes to free software ecommerce platforms. OSCommerce and Magento are just two popular PHP based implementations.

OFBiz looks pretty impressive. I do not recommend OSCommerce or Magento. 

To be honest to take online payments you only need some payment gateway i.e. http://www.sagepay.com/ or http://www.rbsworldpay.com/

You need to open an Internet Merchant Account with your bank and this payment gateway will be able to transfer card payments to that account. It's only matter of submitting one HTML form to their website controller, so it can be done from static HTML files. Using PayPal or Google Checkout is also an option, especially because many people have an account with them so it's dead easy to make a donation. You don't need Internet Merchant Account with them, but their fees are higher.

It would be good to put together some functional specification for this donation system and than choose suitable solution.

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