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Re: Using Flattr to donate to Debian?

Has anyone ever compared the cost of Network for Good against SPI
getting its own credit card processing? I know the percentage fee is
higher on Network for Good but they don't charge a monthly fee. If we
consistently do enough traffic it might be cheaper to run our own

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> So, after throwing the idea in the bucket I had a deeper look at how
> Flattr works (as soon as Raphael provided me with an invite, thanks!).
> For me, the main interest, is in offering an alternative way for
> donating to Debian (or, more generally, to SPI projects) that might also
> help creating a critical mass to support other FOSS projects.
> However, after looking at the details, I realized that ATM Flattr seems
> more appropriate to support fire-and-forget type of contents (e.g. blog
> posts) than long-running projects like those under the SPI umbrella. I
> say that mainly because Flattr users, until I'm missing something, have
> to click every month on a specific button to keep on donating to it. I
> understand a "subscribe" feature is being planned, but until it's there
> I don't think we will get a lot out of it.  In fact, I think Raphael can
> give us useful feedback on this, e.g. I know you registered dpkg as a
> project, it would be interesting to know how much the "click hype"
> decreases after the first month(s).
> Another aspect I don't like is "charity", not because I don't like
> charity, bur rather because I found it too vague. If SPI decides to join
> the initiative, then I believe SPI should decide that its own quote goes
> to like-minded FOSS projects, ideally shared to all of them. This is
> another desiderata of mine that I don't believe it's currently possible
> to obtain.
> Nevertheless, I think it would be useful to discuss some of the other
> constraints advanced by Raphael; that way if at some point the above get
> solved, we can join.
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