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Using Flattr to donate to Debian?


after my recent Flattr FOSS announce[1], our DPL suggested me
that I might want to propose to setup Flattr[2] on the debian.org website
as an alternate way to donate to our project.

In general it looks reasonable but it has implications:

- the interactive button with a counter is javascript based, would that be
  ok? otherwise we can just put a link to a flattr.com page where the user
  can then click.

  it must at least appear on http://www.debian.org/donations but a more
  prominent placement would probably lead to more clicks.

- someone must create an account for the debian project, put seed money on
  it (you can only get money if you give money as well, so it represents a
  cost of 2 EUR/month, the 2 EUR go to a charity if they are not spent by
  clicking on someone else's flattr button) and withdraw funds back to SPI
  from time to time. The most important Debian URLs must be submitted
  under this identity.

  Can SPI take care of this or must someone else act as the gateway ?

What do you think of the idea?


[1] http://raphaelhertzog.com/2010/07/15/social-micropayment-can-foster-free-software-discover-flattr/
[2] http://flattr.com
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