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Re: Improvements of the website

* Grégoire Duchêne <duchene.g@gmail.com> [2007-04-22 11:18]:
> You won't educate users, and you cannot force them to read security
> advisories.

 You can't force them to read them, but not giving them the chance to
and show them in that way that it in fact _is_ an important thing is a
wrong approach.  Removing the DSAs from the front page is something that
simply won't happen and a very silly and shortsighted suggestion.

> We have to keep security advisories in the homepage (as I did it in my
> drafts), but IMO we also need to understand that lambda-users don't
> care about it,

 Our target then definitely isn't lambda-users.  Sorry for the
arrogance, but I give a damn about those who don't care about security -
because there are also quite a lot of users out there who _do_ care
about security.

> this is why powerul tools like APT exist

 I have no idea why you think APT is a security tool, but well...

> (and we cannot change their mind, sorry).

 But you want them to change our mind with respect to get them the
chance to know about it?  Think about it, do you want to transform
Debian into a lambda-distribution?

 So long,
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