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Re: Improvements of the website

On Mon, 23 Apr 2007 13:29:57 +0200, Grégoire Duchêne <duchene.g@gmail.com> said: 

> 2007/4/23, Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@ieee.org>:
>> Ubuntu is free software. We are not enemies. We are not
>> incompetition.
> Choice, and diversity, is a
>> strength of free software, andwe should not be trying to to reduce
>> that.

> Many distribution are Debian-based because this distribution is very
> powerful. I am not telling that we need to please everyone, but we
> should encourage everyone to use Debian, because Debian is not only
> the distribution-which-other-are-based-on.

        That does not seem to follow logically. As long as the
 Distribution is sound technically, these other distributions exist to
 cater to niche user populations.  Why should we encourage people who
 are meant to be served by our derived distributions to use Debian,
 rather than the distributions specifically created to cater to them?
 Do you want our derived distributions to fail?

        How the Debian web site looks in no way affects the distributions
 other people are basing their efforts on.

        You should remember we have current users of our own.  We should
 be catering to our user base, rather than conspiring to steal users
 from our derived distributions :) :). 

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