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Re: Improvements of the website

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007 21:25:49 +0200, Grégoire Duchêne
<duchene.g@gmail.com> said:  

> 1/ There is too many informations on the homepage : when a visitor
> comes and wants to get Debian, he needs to see clearly where he can
> get the lastest version of Debian. Thus, I believe that the "Getting
> starterd" can be removed, and replaced by a simple box "Get Debian"
> which leads to another page with a simple list of choices.

        When I go to debian, it is almost never to get a new version of
 Debian. I think you should not optimize the website for only one kind
 of user, the new to debian user.  I go to the website to look at mail
 archives, to see the vote sub pages, to see the developers corner, and
 yes, sometimes to see where the latest netinst iso can be found.

        Making the website more usable for the repeaet customers is also

> 2/ The news are not easily reachable on the website : there is only a
> little list of events and news with a title and a date. This is NOT
> enough. We need to display the news in the top of the homepage, with a
> good summary.

        I almost never go to the web site o see news.

> 3/ Althought security advisories are important, we can afford to put
> them on a separate page (with of course a link on the left menu).

        Why are security advisories less important than random news?


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