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Re: Website Designs

* Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@ieee.org> [2007-04-26 00:10]:
>         So, since my telepathy powers are obviously on the blink, can
>  you tell me what the goals of the rewrite (apart from the 30000 foot
>  buzzwords of accessibility, browser independence, restrict javascript)
>  are?

 Ah, the usual snappy Manoj as we like him ...

>         What are we trying to achieve (well, apart from look prettier,
>  and perhaps reduce information presented [not sure about the last
>  one]).

 Can I be honest?  That would be quite a lot achieved, because that
didn't happen over the last years at all and was regularly complained
about, if you have followed the list not only recently.

>         Frankly, function is not something I have seen discussed -- just
>  bling. 

 So it's a wiki - feel free to add your sentimentals if you think they
belong there.

 So long,
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<maxx> ist ein packet filter
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