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Improvements of the website

Hello everybody,

I have a few ideas about improving the Debian website.

l'd like to talk about the homepage, but these ideas can be applied to
the whole website.

This homepage is ugly. Why ?

1/ There is too many informations on the homepage : when a visitor
comes and wants to get Debian, he needs to see clearly where he can
get the lastest version of Debian. Thus, I believe that the "Getting
starterd" can be removed, and replaced by a simple box "Get Debian"
which leads to another page with a simple list of choices.

2/ The news are not easily reachable on the website : there is only a
little list of events and news with a title and a date. This is NOT
enough. We need to display the news in the top of the homepage, with a
good summary.

3/ Althought security advisories are important, we can afford to put
them on a separate page (with of course a link on the left menu).

4/ I think that the two menus must be synchronized : the first on the
top would give the main parts of the website, and the second would
give a more precise view of a part.

Best regards,

-- Grégoire Duchêne.

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