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Re: Website Designs

I've done some quick research into colour blind site design and from what i have found have been able to adapt my site designs to what a colour blind user would see. The only colour that seems to change is the pink because most of the time greys arent affected. unfortunately i couldnt change the logo to show the colour changes because i don't have the original file but this isnt really important.

The definitions of each type of colour blindness is shown below along with a link to how this type of person would see my site.

Deuteranopia is insensitivity to green.


Protanopia is insensitivity to red.


Tritanopia is very rare and is insensitivity to blue.


The only slight problem at the moment is with the 'YES' and 'NO' links on the top bar with the deuteranopia design. My first idea for solving this could be to have the links on a contrasting background colour such as white. Does anyone else have any ideas?


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