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Re: Website Designs

On Thursday 19 April 2007 18:06, James Herrington wrote:
> Based on some of the criticisms I have made some quick changes to the
> design and have also made a quick mockup for the about debian page.
> This should show what the general content pages would look like.

What I very much don't like about the mockups, is that you cannot reduce 
the width of your browser window below a certain value (I would guess 800 
pixels). Below that you lose content on the right side.
Probably having a more variable width would result in some very strange 
behavior on the homepage with the text and image in the "Have you got 
Debian yet" area...

I personally do quite like the general look and feel: it has a sober and 
still very professional look, which IMO fits Debian.

The "getting started" section is not very nice (too many short paragraphs; 
too much whitespace), but that could be corrected by modifying the 
content and is not really an issue of the design.

I think I miss a link to other security advisories; not sure if that can 
so easily be shortened to "security advice"

One question: is this color scheme suitable for people who are colorblind 
(or at least, for the most common variants of colorblindness)?

Thank you for your work on this.


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