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Re: Website Designs

James Herrington wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've come up with a quick mockup design for the debian homepage, what does 
> everyone think?
> http://james.isafreelancer.com/debian/
> constructive criticism welcome!

I think that the idea of the "Have you got Debian 4.0 yet?" question is
quite nice, and could be added to the website independant of the theming
changes. IMHO, this is the kind of change that we need to improve the
content of the website. Have you worked out what would go behind the Yes
and No links? A nice next step might be adding that to the front page of
wiki.debian.org[1], and working out all the content that goes behind the
links, using pages in the wiki.

Putting the news and advisories in the side bar seems to work fairly well,
but the dates on the security advisories are fairly important, since
they let users know if they are new security issues or old ones. And
notice that the last 5 advisories all came out in the same week, which
is typical, so only displaying 3 could lead to some being missed.
Including a way to subscribe to the advisories (ie, rss feed), and making
the header a link to see all of them might help address this.

The theme is pretty nice, good colors, although it feels a little bit
grey to me.

see shy jo

[1] Replacing the current spotlight, since this is in concept similar to
    the spotlights.

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