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Re:, ? 23-30 September 2006 Nashriyat 3.1r3 Error 404 (File Not Found) Felaktiga iso-länkar under "installera 3.1r3" Virus détecté dans le message "" Konkurs zdjęciowy Re: найди_срочно [MAILGUARD REJECTED MESSAGE] RE: [WARNING: VIRUS REMOVED] RETURNED MAIL: SEE TRANSCRIPT FOR DETAILS Re: [PATCH] Fix the title of devel/join/nm-step5. [Solved, sort of] Re: file not found: debian/translation.wml Alert from eSafe: Infected with Win32.Mydoom.m, Blocked Be a debian vendor Boas Noticias! Brian away from office Broken link in Vote003 Re: Broken links for debian manual broken links on Bug#227273: marked as done ( charset problems in DDTP files) Bug#233831: marked as done ( 404 error for Accept-Language: * ) Bug#265175: marked as done ( mirrors list outdated) Bug#297648: marked as done (RSS feed for DWN) Bug#335011: Beefy hardware - still delays? Bug#356949: #356949 [] Please improve styles Bug#363493: marked as done (many links to source packages in sarge updates (3.1r1, r2, r3) broken) Bug#363493: many links to source packages in sarge updates (3.1r1, r2) broken Bug#382098: marked as done ( DWN RDF feed broken) Bug#382098: DWN RDF feed broken <- fixed Bug#385797: Wiki does not have a license Bug#386812: Please add webalizer links Bug#387041: the color selection is not quite optimal Bug#387645: marked as done (Please add Hebrew contact page to Bug#387645: Please add Hebrew contact page to Can't write to /tmp on CSS Validation error DDTP stuff added to debian website Debian website EMPAQUES ANTI-CORROSIVO english translation for english/doc/books.wml (was Re: A new Brazilian book about Debian) english/security/2006/dsa-1171.wml error 404 after search list archives FAQ update for live cd Re: Felaktiga iso-länkar under "installera 3.1r3" file not found: debian/translation.wml File Problems fix due in debian-desktop homepage found 2 dead links Google google search Happy Birthday, Linux! Help -->>tem como o aptitude escanear os cds? Hi! A query related to logos Hi, New over here.. INFO DEAL July We Love About Language negotiation problem Like on page 3.1r3 points to 3.1r2 Re: Re: LinCD vendor link to the DDTP page from english/devel/index.wml Lista de Vendedores Debian Necesito CD de Debian Re: A new Brazilian book about Debian Re: new vendor to the CD vendors list Re: New website layout / design contest? O: wml Obsolete info on Outdated links Please add apollock to the webwml group Please add me to CD Vendors Possible hacked box Processed: clone 238245 Processed: Reopen bug closed by spam Processed: retitle 363493 to many links to source packages in sarge updates (3.1r1, r2, r3) broken Processed: DWN RDF feed broken <- fixed Release Mistake? on front page Returned mail: Data format error s.o. Re: Submission for being added to user's list To be added to your vendor list Travel Skiing Pacific Enjoyment Re: typo typo? in english/security/2006/dsa-1180.wml Unstable snapshots Re: Unstable snapshots - website updated Update for URGENT Pls fix vote_003 has wrong encoding set Who's using Debian? shutdown The last update was on 11:28 GMT Sun May 05. There are 175 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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