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Re: Can't write to /tmp on cvs.debian.org

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Philip Hands wrote:
> Pierre,
>     Perhaps you're aware of what it is that you're doing to use all those
> files in /tmp on gluck (a.k.a. cvs.debian.org)?  If so, please stop it, or
> do it another way that doesn't break things.
>     It looks to me as though you're firing up loads of cvs instances, and
> then killing them in a way that prevents them from clearing up after
> themselves, but that's only after a cursory examination -- you should have
> a better idea of the details of what's occurring.
>      Looking at the graphs, you'll have consumed all the inodes again in
> about 5 hours.  If you've not done something about it before then, I'll
> almost certainly be forced to kill all your cvs processes, and discard all
> the directories belonging to you in /tmp on gluck.

OK, so it accelerated madly and ate all the inodes again as soon as I wrote
that, so I've now killed the older half of your cvs server processes, and
removed all the /tmp/cvs-serv* no longer associated with an active process.
 That should still leave you with enough debris to work out what's wrong
with whatever you're doing.  Oh, I've left /tmp/cvs-serv31300 as well, in
case you need an example of one of the abandoned directories to understand
what's happened.

That should hold it for a few a day or so (we're back to 44% inodes used)

Cheers, Phil.
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