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The Bull Report Newsle tter
Fri, 15 Sep 2006 10:23:14 -0800  H.Y.WI IS GOING TO BLOW UP!

Comp any ~ Hollyw ood Int ermediate I n c
Closi ng at ~ 0.158
O u t l o o k ~ VER YSTRONG B U Y

R e c e n t N e w s~
Holly wood Intermediat e Inc.  a provider of digital intermediate
film mastering services, announced today the world premiere
of "The Sensation of Sight" at the San Sebastian Film Festival.
Get more info at Yahoo Fi nance

We strongly urge our members to get in while there's still 
time. THIS is the one you have been waiting for!!!

And build our fleet uncertain yet to find
And ends a fish his breast the waves divides
any message for or about himself but to express his regard for the man

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