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Re: Can't write to /tmp on cvs.debian.org

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Martin Schulze wrote:
> Matt Taggart wrote:
>>Peter Karlsson writes...
>>>I'm getting error messages from the cvs server on cvs.debian.org saying that 
>>>it cannot write to the /tmp directory. It seems there are too many files on 
>>>the file system, there are no inodes left in /tmp
>>I checked haydn and /tmp has plenty of inodes(and space) free. Maybe someone 
>>cleaned it up since you sent that mail?
> But cvs.debian.org is gluck...  It's looking fine as well.

Looking at the munin graphs, gluck's /tmp ran out of inodes about 18 hours
ago.  It's currently at 80% of maximum inodes, and is on the rise again.

Something's been eating inodes since Sunday by the looks of it.

Of the files on /tmp, the largest proportion are owned by
pmachard (about 220,000 files/directories, all in /tmp/cvs-serv* by the
looks of it), and he also seems to be running 12 cvs servers at present,
which seems very likely related.


    Perhaps you're aware of what it is that you're doing to use all those
files in /tmp on gluck (a.k.a. cvs.debian.org)?  If so, please stop it, or
do it another way that doesn't break things.

    It looks to me as though you're firing up loads of cvs instances, and
then killing them in a way that prevents them from clearing up after
themselves, but that's only after a cursory examination -- you should have
a better idea of the details of what's occurring.

     Looking at the graphs, you'll have consumed all the inodes again in
about 5 hours.  If you've not done something about it before then, I'll
almost certainly be forced to kill all your cvs processes, and discard all
the directories belonging to you in /tmp on gluck.

Cheers, Phil.
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