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Re: Project for someone with time and will: website update

I think the specific issue here is mostly solved with Tássia's good work, but I
want to address the broader issue as well.

* Miriam Ruiz <miriam@debian.org> [2011:04:29 00:26 +0200]: 
> Please, keep in mind that some of the people here prefering a woman
> for doing this task, and having technology preferences -in this case
> with the goal of have a technological synergy with the main Debian
> site- is nothing personal against your boyfriend.

Right. And it is my strong opinion that some -- possibly most, probably not all
-- women who want to get involved would find it demoralizing to discover that
of all the available women to do something like change a website, none were
found, and a man "had to" do it. Conversely, if they came into a women's group
and found that all the women were doing most of the heavy lifting, they would
be more likely to view them as role models.

One of the main challenges we've had all along is convincing women that they
are good enough, that it is okay to be a little bit bolder, a little bit more
outspoken, and a little more confident, with the hopes that one day the
behaviors and self-confidence will match the actual amount of talent and skill
that exist within them. So I don't want to make this about us "discouraging
men". Men aren't the point. Women are the point of Debian Women. And right now
the women are outnumbered, but not outclassed, and we need to focus on changing
the demographics so that one day it really doesn't matter whether it's a man or
a woman doing the job, because they're both well-represented and integrated
into the community. 

I'm trying to succinctly capture what I think the DW philosophy is, or should
be, but the closest I'm getting is: somewhere between "just get shit done" and
"turn Debian into an imperialistic gynocracy run by Valkyries". It should never
reach either extreme, but should incorporate aspects of both.

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