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Re: shebuntu debian project

2009/9/30 Rayna <rayna.st@gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to Debian-women, that's my first posting on the list ;o)
> I agree with plenty of the remarks made here (Eric's, Miriam's ones and so
> on). I'd like to addsome critics in a constructive fashion. I find a
> woman-focused distribution a bad idea... In other words, creating something
> focused on a stereotype of what woman is is so reducing and sexist. Putting
> pink or flowers or some 'girly' stuff is so, too. There's no A women's
> unique profile, there are as many profiles as there are women in the world.
> Creating a distribution orientated to a special human group is admitting
> that this group has special needs. That is a biased vision. I'm a woman, my
> background isn't in computer science. But I use Debian Sid and Ubuntu and
> ArchLinux (as well as I can...). No pink, no flowers, no poneys, no
> butterflies.
> If a woman isn't interested in informatics, it's partly because little girls
> read books on stupid princess saved by a very clever prince or dumb stuff
> from that kind. I'm not really sure that creating something special like
> shebuntu will change thet thing. I think that it would be far more
> interesting for all of us that some men stop considering us like helpless
> children or making complexes when, surprisingly for them, we know more...

+1 on that Rayna. Welcome to the group :)

Here's a review of the Snow White story for those now wanting to
consider fairy tales in a new light


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