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Re: Welcome to DW (was: Re: DW

|| स्वक्ष || svaksha wrote:

> Does that mean the following..
> /quote:
> OK, well in my culture we prefer things to be dealt with head-on; the
> behavior you describe strikes me as being passive aggressive and
> manipulative.
> /unquote,
> is justified and acceptable on Debian/DW ? 

This comment is an unusual one for Debian Women.  The author has clarified that
she did not intend to be agressive or hurtful.

It is also unusual for someone to be making repeated negative and untrue
comments about the Debian Women project without any justification of their

I think that it is important to remember that we are all human, and
miscommunication is an unfortunate fact of life.  Most of us are trying hard to
make the Debian Women project work for all its participants and for Debian.
Mostly we are succeeding.  The occasional conflict is, I believe, unimportant in
the face of what we are actually achieving here.

As for your question about Debian.  The above comment is much milder than some
of the comments made on Debian mailing lists.  However most communication on the
lists is friendly and constructive.  If comments like the above, even if they
were not the norm, would prevent you from working on Debian then maybe you
should take a look at the archives of some of the mailing lists and decide
whether Debian is a project you would like to be involved in.  I will also say
that we would be sorry to lose you from Debian Women and from Debian.  I think
that you have something to offer that Debian needs, and also that Debian is a
fantastic project to be involved in, despite it's flaws.

Bear in mind that the Debian culture is, like any culture, changing.  The Debian
Women project is contributing to that change in what I believe to be a very
positive way.  I believe that we are helping to make Debian a friendier place
and one where a contributer's social and interpersonal skills are valued as much
as their technical skills.  I think this is very important for Debian's future,
and I (and many others) will continue to work towards improving this situation.


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