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Re: Welcome to DW (was: Re: DW (was: Re: [gnome-women] Getting a Web Site Up & Logo Contest status)

On 8/15/05, Erinn Clark <erinn@double-helix.org> wrote:
> * Clytie Siddall <clytie@riverland.net.au> [2005:08:12 16:40 +0930]:
> > It's not culturally appropriate for me to approach things in a head-
> > on way, but I will try to do so if it helps. (We do need to bear in
> > mind that people from different cultures have different values and
> > behaviours. It is extremely inappropriate in my culture to say, "I'm
> > not happy with this, specifically, and I want change." The
> > appropriate thing to do is to make alternative suggestions, reinforce
> > positive behaviour, and try to improve the social environment
> > without, ever, confronting anyone. I'll do my best, however.)
> OK, well in my culture we prefer things to be dealt with head-on; the
> behavior you describe strikes me as being passive aggressive and
> manipulative.

Unfortunately this thread has degenerated from "A list for D-W
translators" to a cultural/behavioural issue which is certainly not a
good precedent for DW or any other volunteer community in general.

The above comment about being "passive aggressive and manipulative" is
an example of that.  However much certain cultural behaviours may seem
irritating or inappropriate (when compared with ones own) using
adjectives to describe them is certainly not what I expected to see on
an international community like Debian and certainly not in DW,
however lofty the aims of the group in question may be.

Besides that, choosing to participate in a particular community is
mostly a free choice, cutting across cultural, language and national
barriers. This basic fact must be respected at all times.

IMHO, expecting people from other different cultures to change their
behaviour/culture, etc... to conform to ones own expectations or
behavioural patterns is a highly inflexible attitude.   The OP
(Clytie) as I understand, was only elaborating on how things are done
in her culture and not commenting harshly on another's.

Each and every one of us has a *real life* outside of FLOSS and other
volunteerism and the only common thread stringing us together is the
philosophical ideology, good work and interest in FSF/GNU.

|| स्वक्ष || svaksha

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